Department of European Studies "Jean Monnet" | Signed Agreement on Cooperation
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Signed Agreement on Cooperation

Management of the International University of Gorazde started the new year 2017 with signing of the very important contract for the cooperation with the Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet”. This Agreement defines the cooperation with other international institutions. Aim of this Agreement is highly important for the International University of Gorazde. International University of Gorazde is the first university in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina signing such an agreement with the aforementioned Department.

When it comes to the cooperation with other universities, students of International University of Gorazde may apply for study programs of other universities, having the agreements signed with the IUG, and vice versa. IUG states that they are ready for the cooperation, exchange of students, as well as for the organization of hosting professors and assistants to Gorazde as lecturers. “Also, our teachers are going to be able to educate themselves and improve their knowledge and skills, and to transfer this knowledge to our students via study program. On the other side, this agreement signing represents a new epoch for the City of Gorazde, being open and ready to accommodate all students interested in our University”, communicated by the management of the International University of Gorazde.
“Student” Newspaper, January 2017

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